About Me

I’m Urvashi and I’m a Gujarati girl!

Urvashi Roe

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I set up this blog because I keep getting asked for recipes I make at home for my family and those I have grown up with.

My family is originally from Rajkot in the Gujarat region of India.  Many of them emigrated to East Africa, like my maternal grandfather for example, so my food is also influenced by African culture and flavours too.

Gujarati food is simply spiced. It’s not overly hot or complex in spices and many dishes do not use garlic or onion because of the influences and teachings of the Swaminarayan faiths.  There is a heavy Ayurvedic influence in our food and I’ve grown up with words of wisdom passed down from my mother, grandmothers and aunties.  I’ve passed this on to you to consider too where relevant in the blog posts.

I also thought this site would be a good way to preserve traditional Gujarati recipes for my daughters.  They are of mixed race as my husband is English and growing up in a very multicultural England. I’m exposing them to a wide range of food which is the opposite to how I was brought up.  I had ‘shak’ (curry) or dhal every day with ‘rotli’ (chapattis).  I don’t think I ate pasta until I was a teenager! This is the complete opposite to what I eat now. It’s a blend of lots of different flavours and inspirations from my travels so from time to time I might incorporate that in my recipes for you too.

I hope you enjoy the recipes on this site.  If there are any specific ones you would like to see please do leave a comment below.

Urvashi x


11 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Urvashi, if you have a look here http://www.carllegge.com/2012/06/my-liebster-blog-award/ you’ll see I’ve nominated this blog for an award 🙂

  2. I was so thrilled to find this blog! I am a Gujerati as well, from Mumbai and my parents were from Rajkot! I too have an international, eclectic ( vegetarian) diet now in the US and am looking forward to learning more Gujerati dishes!

  3. Hi Urvashi, I am a gujerati as well, from Durban, South Africa. Looking forward to your recipes. Thanks.

  4. Hi Urvashi. We really like beans bunny which is normal sugar beans curry with extra gravy. A loaf of unsliced
    White bread is cut into quarters. Use the 2 ends. Scoop out the soft centre and fill with the beans. Serve with sambals

  5. Hi, I pratima I am born and brought up in Kenya and am pure vegetarian will appreciate to have recipe of sweet for Diwali

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  7. How do you make lamb rogan josh

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